The Cariplo Foundation collection online

Through ARTGATE and within the framework of a broader institutional effort, the Cariplo Foundation intends to make its collection as widely known as possible. The over 700 works of significant historical and artistic merit comprise paintings, sculptures and furnishings that span the period from the 1st century BC to the second half of the 20th century.


The site offers two different forms of access. Conceived as a quick tour, the Virtual Gallery features a number of particularly representative works. The Online Collection instead presents over 200 works complete with ample art-historical and critical descriptions as well as information on archival sources, historical exhibitions and specific bibliography.


ARTGATE also provides the biographies of over 150 artists responsible for the works presented.
Search tools and hypertext links – both internal (between the works in the collection) and external (between keywords present in ARTGATE and Internet sources of information) – will also facilitate the development of personal pathways through contentual and thematic connections enabling users to identify new art-critical and historical interpretations of the collection.
While the most rigorous methodological criteria of art history were applied in the preliminary examination, study and description of each individual work, the website’s procedures of online consultation ensure the greatest simplicity by means of a search window highlighting individual fields.



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