Bucci Anselmo, The Sisters from Brianza
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1,932; oil on panel
cm. 102 x 73,9
Signed and dated top right: “BUCCI / 15 June 32”
Inventory: AI00212AFC
Provenance: 1951 (document not found)
Exibition: 2010, Pavia, n. 20

The work, purchased in 1951, depicts two older women wearing the traditional costume of Brianza. The decoration of the typical headdress, known as a spadera, and the embroidery on the dress worn by the woman seen from behind, are depicted through the intricate play of forms and colours. 

The painting was executed in 1932, as indicated on the canvas. At that time, Anselmo Bucci was in the process of abandoning the literary and mythological themes that had characterised his works of the 1920s, when he cofounded the group known as the Sette Pittori del Novecento. Now he preferred to paint landscapes and scenes of city and rural life, capturing the most fascinating aspects of both and interpreting them in an original way. With these new subjects in mind, he developed a realistic and expressionistic style which also reflected his formative experiences between Monza, Milan and Paris in the 1910s. The Cariplo Foundation also owns Bucci’s Tending the Horses dating to that period.

In the 1930s, the artist’s freer and more expressive brushwork, combined with a vibrant palette, appropriately rendered the atmosphere of his subjects. He went beyond the Classicism advocated by critics Margherita Sarfatti and Ugo Ojetti, and had a considerable hand in the widespread reaction against the Novecento Italiano.

During the same period, other artists like the Chiaristi Umberto Lilloni and Francesco de Rocchi opposed the dominant Novecento style, and the Corrente movement countered the status quo first on a political and then an artistic level.

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