Cavaleri Lodovico, At the Calambrone (Livorno)
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1,934; oil on panel
cm. 85 x 159,5
Signed and dated, with dedication, bottom right: “L. Cavaleri/ 1934/ a Edoardo [in black]/ il nonno Vico 17-I-XVI [in red]”. On the back of the panel, top left, in blue pencil: “243-3”; top right, written with brush: “L. Cavaleri/ 1934”; top left, written with brush: “Al “Calambrone”/ Livorno”; bottom left, paper label of the Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente di Milano
Inventory: AH01705AFC
Provenance: Finarte, Auction 852, Milan, 16 March 1993 (post-auction buy)
Exibition: 1937, Milano, Palazzo della Permanente, n. 201

Dated 1934 and dedicated by the painter to his grandson, Edoardo, two years later, the work was shown  in the spring exhibition of the Milan Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente in 1937, along with another entitled The Merry-Go-Round.

The painting depicts a part of the port district north of Livorno, commonly known as the “Calambrone”. Cavaleri was in the habit of staying in the Livorno area, and also on the Ligurian coast, where he devoted himself to landscape painting. In this particular period, he was making a name for himself as a painter of seascapes, as evinced by other works by him in the Collection, namely Morning in Liguria and From Miramare (Savona). In these canvases, the painter translates the scenery into images constructed with fields of colour and signs incised in the pigment, while always playing on a muted palette, here dominated by greens and yellows. Certain technical devices, like the use of charcoal to accentuate the outlines of the bridge, the boats and the buildings, emphasise the graphic nature of the composition where the realistic element, though present, is given less importance than the depiction of light. This aspect emerges clearly if we compare Cavaleri’s work to that of another exponent of the Second Lombard Naturalism, Giorgio Belloni, who also painted marine views and is present in the Collection with Afternoon at the Port, in which the rendering of light and colour is more obviously realistic.

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Laura Casone
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