Cavaleri Lodovico, Morning in Liguria
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1,925; oil on canvas
cm. 133 x 125
Signed and dated bottom right: “L. Cavaleri/1925”; on the back of the canvas, top right: “L. Cavaleri/1925/ «Mattino in Liguria»/ Vernazza (Riviera Levante)”
Inventory: AH00024AFC
Exibition: 1925, Milano, n. 203; 1999, Genova, n. 23; 2020-2021, Varese, n. 56

In 1925 the Cassa di Risparmio bank instructed the purchase of two sea pieces, Morning in Liguria by Lodovico Cavaleri and Afternoon at the Port by Giorgio Belloni, on the occasion of the Esposizione Nazionale della Accademia di Brera e della Permanente.

Cavaleri’s large canvas depicts a view of Vernazza, a delightful village on the Ligurian coast, from an elevated viewpoint that gives a new slant to the traditional composition of the sea piece characterised by the equal division of expanses of sky and sea. The beach, already in broad daylight, is depicted in the distance, wedged between the buildings on either side and occupied by bathers and boats roughly sketched with dense, compact strokes of colour; while the wide stretch of sea ending at the rocks in the foreground is still enveloped in shade. 

Imbued with a feeling of mystery and characterised by the symbolic use of light, the work is representative of the approach to the marine genre developed by Cavaleri from the last decade of the previous century on. Although a leading exponent of Lombard Naturalism, he revealed a new anti-naturalist sensibility and followed a line of research similar to the one pursued by Pompeo Mariani and Giorgio Belloni in the same period.

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Elena Lissoni
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