Ciardi Guglielmo, In the Valley - Venetian Lagoon – In the Valley – In the Valley - Veneto Lagoon
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1,875 - 1,880; oil on panel
cm. 34 x 55
Signed bottom left: “CIARDI”
Inventory: AH01425AFC
Provenance: Provenance: Varese, Giuseppina Negri Collection (in 1983)
Exibition: 2008-2009, Bergamo, s. n.

This painting comes from a private collection, where it bore the title In the Valley - Venetian Lagoon, and is datable to the second half of the 1870s. During this decade Ciardi displayed canvases inspired by the Venetian Lagoon and the Veneto countryside in the Promotrice exhibitions in Naples, Genoa and Venice and in the annual shows at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and Milan.  It is the Veneto countryside rather than the environs of Venice that provides the subject for this work in the Cariplo Collection. In a tranquil valley in the Po delta, a fisherman has stopped his boat at the edge of the canal flowing through the greenery. The waterway follows the lines leading to the vanishing point of the perspective view and, within the symmetrical composition, the sky and canal almost merge on the horizon, separated only by the groups of houses outlined in the distance. The light diffusing through the clouds and its reflection on the water is rendered skilfully by the painter, as in Giudecca Canal, the other work by Ciardi in the Cariplo Collection. The painstaking depiction of reality found in both his lively scenes and more intimate views, makes Ciardi one of the leading interpreters of landscape painting, together with artists like Pietro Fragiacomo, whose one work in the Cariplo Collection, Lagoon, is marked by similar colour harmonies, ranging from green to yellow-brown. 

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Laura Casone
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