Calvi Ercole, View of Brianza
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1,865; oil on canvas
cm. 70 x 100
Signed bottom right: “E. Calvi”
Inventory: AH01599AFC
Provenance: Parabiago, Giuseppe Corniola Collection (until 1990)
Exibition: 1998-1999, Monza, n. 48; 2008-2009, Bergamo, s. n.; 2010, Monza, n. V.3

Purchased from a private collection, the painting entered the Cariplo Collection in 1990.

The subject is one that recurs most frequently in the artist’s output; in fact, on his return to Verona in 1858 after a long period in Milan, he devoted himself mainly to landscapes and ceased to paint urban views.

The artist’s majestic vision of nature is seen in the mountains towering over the bridge, the swiftly flowing torrent and the massive rocks. A beam of light illuminates the scene from above right, creating a rich gamut of chiaroscuro transitions from shade to bright light, which were to become the hallmark of his landscape painting.

His mature works combined a Romantic concept of the view – inherited from his teacher Giuseppe Canella and characterised by the attentive rendering of atmospheric and luministic values – with elements of the innovative German painting that had arrived in Italy through exhibitions in Milan and Venice. In the 1870s, the artist’s rather repetitive repertoire of lake views and Brianza landscapes was based on models developed by his teacher and, in all likelihood, on the Lombard pictorial tradition established at the begining of the century by Marco Gozzi and his first topographical views of the area.

Although Calvi achieved great commercial success by adopting a well-tried, easily understood scheme and pleasing subjects, he was soon judged severely by the critics who disapproved of a certain repetition in his work and his mannered style.

From November 2011, the work has been on view at the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan.

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Elena Lissoni
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