Fonda Enrico, Island of Brioni
works associated

1,924; oil on plywood
cm. 23,8 x 32,8
Signed bottom left: “E. Fonda”; on the back, centre right, in pencil: “Isola Broni/ agosto 1924”
Inventory: AI02125AFC
Provenance: Credito di Venezia e del Rio de la Plata Collection; Istituto Bancario Italiano Collection (until 1991)

The group of six landscapes (Rovigno, Brioni or Landscape with Trees and Sea, Island of Brioni, Zara, Rovigno and Pola), all dating from 1924, was acquired in 1991 with the Istituto Bancario Italiano (IBI) Collection, which it had entered from the Credito di Venezia e del Rio de la Plata Collection.

As the inscription on the back states, this is a view of the Island of Brioni, off the south-west coast of the Istrian peninsula with the ruins of the Roman Villa in Val di Catena, built in the 1st century BC. Starting from the actual view the artist creates a balanced, severe composition that exploits the geometric arrangement of the ancient fragments in the landscape, constructed by the use of volumes and colour, without employing perspective. Rich, dense brushstrokes alternate with rapid touches recording the variations in light and colour tones of the place, which is bathed in a motionless and suspended atmosphere.

His research led Fonda to associate with the Novecento Italiano group, after moving to Milan in 1924. He attracted the interest of Carlo Carrà who considered him one of the most promising artists of the new generation.


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Elena Lissoni
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