Induno Gerolamo, The Follower of Garibaldi
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1,871; oil on canvas
cm. 64,7 x 51,8
Signed and dated bottom right on the stone: “ Induno/ 1871”
Inventory: AH01106AFC
Provenance: Verano Brianza, private collection (in 1975)
Exibition: 2010, Malgrate, n. 17; 2011, Milano, Palazzo Reale, Giovani ribelli del ’48. Memorie del Risorgimento Lombardo, s. n.

Dated 1871, this work is one of the large series of paintings produced by Gerolamo and Domenico Induno on the subject of Garibaldi’s volunteers, further examples of which in the Cariplo Collection are provided by The Return of the Wounded Soldier, The Sentry and A Follower of Garibaldi Bids Farewell. The same subject was also treated in this period by artists such as Angelo Trezzini (An Alpine Hunter, c. 1860, Como, Musei Civici and The Wounded Soldier in Collection).


Induno portrays a young soldier beside a woman in the traditional dress of the Ciociaria region, who has just given him some rose-petal liqueur from her basket and is now listening intently to his story. The soldiers’ camp can be seen in the background and the landscape blends into the sky on the horizon. The figure of the female sutler, clad here in the colours of the Italian flag, frequently reappears in other works also by the artist’s brother Domenico, such as The Emotion of a Sutler before the Cross, a painting with a similar composition shown at the 1853 exhibition of the Turin Società Promotrice di Belle Arti, where it was bought by Vincenzo Vela (now in the Museo Vela, Ligornetto). In the painting in the Cariplo Collection, the painter does not focus on the emotional intensity of the individual figures, but engages them in an intimate and familiar conversation of an expressive power underscored by the realistic depiction of their clothing and the naturalness of their gestures. As in many of his other works, Gerolamo Induno evokes the feelings and events of the Risorgimento through humble characters, thus revitalising genre painting with the passionate civic commitment of one who played a direct part in the historical episodes leading to Italy’s unification.

From November 2011, the work has been on view at the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan.



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Laura Casone
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