works founded
Outline Picture Artist Work Date Material and technique
AH01503AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Landscape with Horses – View with Horses 1815-1818 oil on canvas mounted on panel
AH01525AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Interior of the Monastery of Altacomba 1833 oil on canvas
AH01501AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Louis XIV Visiting La Vallière – Interior of a Cloister – View of a Cloister 1821-1825 oil on canvas mounted on panel
AH01706AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Charles V Withdrawing to the Monastery of San Yuste in Estremadura and to the Monks of the Order of St Jerome – Interior of a Monastery 1825-1830 oil on canvas mounted on Masonite
AH01524AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Interior of a Convent 1832 oil on panel
AH01500AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Interior of Pisa Cathedral – Church in Lombardy 1835 oil on canvas
AH01504AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Capuchin Friars Returning to the Monastery after Begging Alms with Provisions for the Winter; Returning from Begging Alms; Scene at the Monastery Gate 1825-1830 oil on canvas
AH01496AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni View of the Façade of Milan Cathedral – View of the Cathedral Square in Milan 1819-1828 oil on canvas
AH01508AFC.jpg Migliara Giovanni Venice – Small Square with Church and Canal – View of a Small Square in Venice 1812-1815 oil on paper mounted on canvas
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