The Collection


The twentieth century

The Lombard masters

The section devoted to 20th-century painting and sculpture constitutes the richest part of the Cariplo Foundation’s collection in quantitative terms. The first three decades of the century are represented by works of artists operating in Milan and active on the regional exhibition circuit, such as Michele Cascella, whose highly esteemed oeuvre bears witness to the persistence of the late 19th-century taste for naturalism.
The phase of the “return to order”, which culminated in the Novecento movement led by the critic Margherita Sarfatti, is documented by the work of a small number of artists, including a masterpiece by Leonardo Dudreville and canvases by Anselmo Bucci and Achille Funi. Mario Sironi is instead represented by a painting of a later period.

The Italian experience

While artists like Ottone Rosai and Ardengo Soffici from Tuscany and Antonio Donghi from Rome can be bracketed together with the Lombard masters on the basis of their connection with the Novecento movement, the collection includes others of equal importance at the national level who prove harder to define in terms of schools, such as Aldo Carpi, Raffaele De Grada, Donato Frisia and Arturo Tosi. The years after World War II are represented by the work of numerous painters formerly involved in the Chiarismo movement, including in particular Umberto Lilloni, Cristoforo De Amicis and Francesco De Rocchi, as well as leading figures from different backgrounds influenced by the avant-garde developments in France, such as Fiorenzo Tomea, Orfeo Tamburi, Renato Guttuso, Giulio Turcato, Remo Brindisi, Aligi Sassu and Ernesto Treccani. The work by Giacomo Manzù forming part of the Cariplo Foundation collection is one of his masterpieces, namely the monumental bronze relief celebrating family savings, now in the Palazzo Confalonieri.

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